It’s the end of October which means kids in costumes will soon be patrolling the streets in droves, searching of whatever candy or sweets they can get their hands on. Many others will be held up inside, getting into the Halloween spirit with spooky movies and pumpkin spiced everything.  

But while most are gearing up for the scary season snowboarders are searching for new gear as they know the end of October also signals the start of the snowboarding season.  

But before you go buying a new board and make a big financial investment it might be a good idea to see what the experts have to say about the latest models. That’s why TransWorld’s Good Wood team is so clutch for those looking to upgrade equipment.  

Good Wood is a team of product testers who believe that in order to find the best snowboard you have to ride a lot of different ones. They’ve tested boards and provided feedback for nearly two decades and have seen it all. Thousands of boards tested, hundreds of broken tails, snapped noses, and blown out edges, and yearly results of the best boards on the market.  

This year the network of testers converged on Snowbird in Utah for the all-mountain testing, and went with Carinthia at Mount Snow, Vermont, for the park portion. The riders spent four days at each location, riding from sunrise to sunset, pushing hundreds of boards to the limit. The results are now in for Men’s and Women’s park and all-mountain boards as well as the best bank for your buck category. Check out all of the results before you head out in search of your new ride.