Ethiopia NEA

The generosity of the skateboard community has been well documented. So has the fact that skating is growing globally with more and more skate parks popping up in communities around the world.

It should come as no surprise, then, to find out that skaters and volunteers are coming together to build skate parks in rural areas of Africa.

Ethiopia Skate, a self-proclaimed local grassroots community of skateboarders working to empower youth skateboarding, has already constructed one community skate park in Ethiopia and now they’re on a mission to get another one built in the rural town of Hawassa.

In 2016 Ethiopia Skate teamed up with Make Life Skate Life, a non-profit organization building community skate parks around the world, to bring the first public skate park to the country. Volunteers from over 20 countries recognized the importance of spreading skateboarding to under-developed countries and came out to help.

Now, 200 miles south in Hawassa, Ethiopia, Ethiopia Skate plans to start construction on a second skate park – introducing a new sport to thousands who otherwise wouldn’t have to opportunity to explore skateboarding.

The grassroots organization has secured land from a public youth center and is currently raising funds and awareness for the project, hoping to receive volunteer outreach similar to their first project.

If you’d like to pitch in visit their site here to see what they’re all about.