The Street League Super Crown is the Super Bowl of street skateboarding competitions. There’s an exclusivity and high-pressure atmosphere to what’s the street skateboarding world championships, and year-after-year it brings out the best in its competitors. This year was no different.  

Just to qualify for the Men’s Championship you had to prove you’re worth on the 2017 SLS Nike SB World Tour. The eight Street League Series Pros qualified by either getting a Golden Ticket from winning a stop on the tour or earning enough accumulative season points.   

After battling all summer for a spot in the showdown the stage was certainly set for a great competition; but what we got was downright historic. Five runs in the first two rounds of competition earned score of nine or higher, a feat previously accomplished just once by Chris Joslin in last year’s Super Crown. Louie Lopez put a 9.1 on the board with his first run and Nyjah Huston followed with a 9.0. In the second round it was Lopez (9.4), Shane O’Neill (9.1), and Huston (9.2) sending scores to the stratosphere.

The nines kept coming in the best trick portion of the contest. Torey Pudwill threw a back smith up the five-stair hubba to earn a 9.0 and Nyjah followed with a nollie heel noseblunt down the rail for a 9.3. In the next round Carlos Ribeiro joined the nine-club with a switch heel switch back smith on the hubba for a 9.1. Shane O’Neill’s switch tre double flip down the gap earned him a 9.4, and Kelvin Hoefler would not be out done with a halfcab noselide to back tail bigspin no the down ledge for a 9.1.    

The level of technical difficulty in some of these tricks was off the charts and the atmosphere certainly reflected that. With the crowd in a frenzy Nyjah Huston solidified his spot atop the standings with a back 270 kickflip lipslide down the rail earning a 9.5 – the highest score of the year – to win the Super Crown.    

Huston battled through a concussion sustained earlier in the week to earn his first Super Crown win since 2014.  

The women’s competition was just as heated with Lacey Baker and Leticia Bufoni trading banger after banger and putting on a show.  

Baker’s first run set the bar high with big tricks that included a back 5-0 front 180 down the hubba, a noseslide 270 out on the bump to ledge and a nollie heelflip over the euro gap. The run put Baker atop the leaderboard but it would be short lived. Bufoni immediately retaliated with a run that included technical tricks like a backslide 5-0 down the long hubba, and a nollie 270 over the hip.  

With things looking even entering the best trick portion of play both Baker and Bufoni stepped their game up to an even higher level. Baker’s noseslide 270 earned an 8.0, putting her within striking distance of Bufoni for first place. After Lacey played it safe with her next trick Baker leaped her with a nose manual nollie heelflip out the long manual pas for an 8.7 to overtake first place. Baker then held on to earn her second straight Super Crown victory.

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