Elemental Awareness NEA

The skateboarding community is vast. It stretches around the world and consists of people of every nationality, race, religion and gender. To be a skateboarder means more than riding around on four wheels, throwing yourself off ramps and down stairs; it means being a member in our global community.  

Skating is the universal common ground that collects all of our different groups into one; often allowing us to come together and make a deeper connection. But even with this tool that’s so good at bringing people together, skaters far too often stay secluded, trapped in their routine. If you aren’t putting yourself out there then the skate community can feel a bit lacking. Companies are comfortable selling products and making money and skaters are comfortable skating their local spots. No one is pushing their boundaries so no real connections are being made.  

And then there’s Element, one of the pioneering skateboard companies and one with a global reach. Element is dedicated to more than making money, they are also committed to helping skaters in need. Elemental Awareness, the companies non-profit branch that has been giving back for a decade, is a great example of what the skate community is often portrayed as; friendly, and willing to help fellow skaters in need.  

The Elemental Awareness crew recently put this mentality into action as they traveled to a Native American reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota to hook the skaters their up with some much-needed new equipment. Pine Ridge already has a skate park with a large skate community so the element crew spent the day sharing equipment and advice with the younger skaters. They wouldn’t even let a broken-down van get in their way.  

Check out the video below and if it puts you in the mood to give back you can follow this link to the Hurricane Harvey Relief fund to donate to hurricane Harvey victims. Houston is the fourth largest city in the U.S and like any other metropolis it’s filled with skaters, many of whom just lost everything. Any donation will help in these trying times.