Glory NEA

This summer has been packed with great skateboarding and competitive contests and frankly we need a break. Thankfully we have the Dime Glory Challenge coming up on September 9th.

The Glory Challenge is like the “Who’s Line is it Anyway” of skateboarding – everyone throws down and the points don’t really matter. The Glory Challenge has always been geared towards having a good time rather than winning or grabbing a spot on the podium.

“The Dime Glory Challenge is kind of like the All Star Game of skateboarding. No real competition, just a fun day with a lot of sick skaters you don’t often see in contests.”

That’s how Phil Lavoie, one of the organizers of the challenge, described it to Monster Children. The contestants include names like Wes Kremer, Tyshawn Jones, Jesse Alba, and others who aren’t usually to active in the competition scene.

The Glory Challenge consists of eight events starting with the speed challenge, which is when you roll in doing the best flat ground trick while going as fast as you can. slams and sketchy landings are inevitable.

Next up is the gangster challenge, which is when contestants are required to preform the most gangster trick possible. This challenge is judged both on the execution of the trick and the style of the roll-away.

One of the funner challenges is the gladiator challenge. Six heats of eight skaters are skating on an elevated deck, pushing each other off the edges until only one remains. If you step off your board you’re out, if you fall off the deck you are out. The last skater will be crowned the ultimate gladiator.

There’s a world championship game of skate, the longest kickflip challenge, and even a mystery challenge.

The organizers are pulling out all the stops to make this year the best Glory Challenge yet.

“I would say there is more narrative to it this year,” Lavoie told Monster Children. “Stuff in between the actual challenges, special entrances, and pyrotechnics. Pretty stoked to use pyrotechnics this year.”

We’re stoked for it too. The glory will be had in Montreal on September 9th. Check out the recap from last year and you’ll be ready to cop your plane ticket ASAP.