It’s been a summer packed with great contests and even better edits and now three skaters are seeing their hard work pay off.  We’ve seen three skaters turn pro in the last few days and they have released some pretty cool clips to make the big announcement.

Lucas Puig signed on with Palace Skateboarding after Cliché broke up in November. Palace, a London based company, announced the signing and celebrated one million Instagram followers at the same time with this somewhat weird post.


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Chocolate named Yonnie Cruz to the pro team with an official deck last month and announced the move with a welcome video last week. watch Yonnie crush the streets and show viewers what he’s bringing to the team.

While Puig and Cruz’s announcements came as a surprise the best surprise of the week had to be when Welcome Skateboards surprised Nora Vasconcellos with the big news at the most magical place on earth – Disneyland.

Vasconcellos talked with Monster Children about the experience and how she was lured to the park by false claims of a teammates birthday.

“I’d been so busy the past few weeks—I just got back from the Vans Park Series in Huntington Beach—that you could really pull anything on me. I didn’t even consider when Shane’s birthday was . . . I showed up at 9 am. They had a fog machine and balloons and everyone was wearing cat masks . . . It was ridiculous but perfect.”

Welcome NEA

Vasconcellos has been riding with Welcome for years now and she seems to have a great relationship with the company.

“I’ve been there for so long that it’s not just my board sponsor. It’s much bigger than that. I probably am one of the most content and thrilled professionals in terms of who I ride for,”

“Just to be in the van with guys like Dennis Busenitz, Jack Fardell, and Jake Donnelley, all these guys I’ve looked up to who I’m skating with now. It’s only built my motivation to go out and skate my best.”


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