Jaylen Brown NEA

Isaiah Thomas’ “Book of Isaiah” – a mini documentary series showcasing the guards offseason work – gave fans an in-depth look into the time and hard work NBA players put in during their break. It’s also why fans of the series weren’t surprised when Thomas burst onto the national scene last season, even dominating MVP discussions at times.

Now it looks like his success may have influences Jaylen Brown. The forward is producing his own auto-documentary series called “Hone the pressure, it makes diamonds” and the fourth episode just dropped.

After a better-than-expected rookie campaign Brown has shown fans glimpses of his drive and yearning to improve. Weather that was demanding to play for the Celtics in the summer league, or traveling to across the world to play in the in the Africa Game, Brown has shown an eagerness to get better, and you see plenty of that in this episode.

One of the critiques of Browns has been his jump shot. Critics labeled it as broken and, though it improved during the season, some fans still questioned his shooting ability. In episode four Brown will silence the doubters showing off a much improved jump shot – even when the lights go out.

Check out the episode above and catch up of the summer-long series here.