Mammoth mountain1

As we hit the end of July most of the country is entering the hottest time of the year. As temperatures rise and records fall no one expected Mammoth Mountain to be breaking records too.

After an epic winter and spring season the mountain is finally coming to a close, but not before extending the season to August 6th, making this the second longest season on record.

Mammoth opened for the season on November 10 and stayed open for 270 days, over Mammoth2two thirds of the year. Throughout the season the Californian mountain received 618 inches of snow at the main lodge and over 8oo inches at the summit, allowing riders to shred deep into the summer months. It was the second most snowfall Mammoth has received in its 65 years of operation.

The mountain is already slated to reopen on November 9th, just 100 days after closing.