Stone Crushers1

The skateboarding community is a huge and diverse group that stretches around the world. From small countries to world powers, skaters gather in bunches to shred the local spots and take advantage of their local terrain.

In Lisboa, the capital city of Portugal, skaters work around rough stone streets and alleyways on their way to the best spots. The rough stone ways have become the inspiration for a new competition, the first annual Lisboa Stone Crushers contest will be running this weekend, Thursday, July 27th through Saturday the 29th.

Taking advantage of the cities historical landmarks, the contest will hit the Parque Eduardo VII’s grass park, Martim Moniz Square, and Marquês de Pombal, in downtown Lisbon, for the three-day vert and street competition.

Stone Crushers2

The contest features 14,000 euros in prize money, which is the biggest purse in a Portuguese skateboard competition.  According to the event’s Facebook page, organizers “want to grow skateboard[ing] in Portugal to an international level and simultaneously drive more people into knowing the essence of it!”

On top of three days of great skateboarding spectators are also able to catch the European debut of “Devoted” a Lucas Beaufort documentary about skateboarding media that recently premiered in Los Angeles.

Art shows will also be set up along the riverside, showcasing the diverse talents of the skateboarding community. Lisboa’s Stone Crushers is set to be yet another unique contest in a great summer for skating.