The Nordic countries seem to be getting a lot right lately. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland are among the top in public education, they never seem to get caught up in foreign conflicts, and their standard of living is among the highest in the world.

Skateboarding in the Nordic countries is just as dope. One of the best competitions around is the Helsinki Helride. The four-day contest held in Helsinki, Finland incorporates street, park, and downhill riding into a truly unique contest.

helsinki Helride

The outcome was a weekend of good skating and even better vibes. Skaters hit street spots for the first two days before moving onto Suvilahti DIY park for a best trick and death race on day three. The fourth and final day of the contest was the Koff Park speed race, won by Wes Kramer while Tyler Surrey took the best trick.

As always the weekend was a blast. Check out TransWorld’s video recap.