Hastings 4 NEA

In his first ever trip to Hastings Skatepark, Brazilian skater Pedro Barros made the Vancouver park his home. With an arsenal of transition tricks Barros utilized the bowls, hips, and spines to capture his second first-place finish in the 2017 Vans Park Series Men’s Park Tour.

Barros also took first place in Sao Paulo, the second stage of the five stage worldwide series. The tour’s officially entering its final stages and with one event left the competition is starting to get intense.

Here’s Barros first-place run:

The tour organizes the annual park terrain skateboarding world championship tour for men and women, making good performances even more valuable. The top five Pro Tour Challengers at the end of the tour will earn a spot in the Vans Park Series World Championships where the best skaters in the world will compete for the World Championship Title.

The tour is competitive and the level of competition is high, but skateboarders in general tend to be more laid back than a lot of other athletes. The skating community comes together at these events and the vibe certainty reflects that. After he claimed first place Barros seemed happier to just be at the event than to be the winner.

“Fortunately, I was able to come to Canada this year,” Barros said after the competition. “This place, everybody, the energy, these guys and true skaters. Thank you, we are all united together.”

The tour will come to Hunnington Beach, California August 1st – 5th for the final stage in the Park Series. For the Pro Tour Challengers on the bubble this is their last chance to make it to the 2017 Men’s Pro Skateboarding Championships in Shanghai, on September 23rd where the 2017 Skateboarding World Champion will be crowned.

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