Skate NEA

Skateboarding and art have always had a lose connection. The two forms of expression seem to parallel each other, only overlapping in certain circumstances. One such circumstance occurred a few weeks ago when 14-year-old Japanese skater Isamu Yamamoto teamed up with filmmaker Brett Novak to produce one of the more artistic skate videos we’ve seen in a while.

Yamamoto has been attracting more attention after winning the pro division at the sixth annual World Roundup Freestyle Skateboarding Championships in British Columbia in May. The 14-year-old has a unique style reminiscent of his idol Rodney Mullen and credits Mullen for inspiring him to start skating.

“He is the reason. He inspired me and made me start,” Yamamoto told Rolling Stone.


As for Novak, the skateboarding filmmaker has been combining skating and art for a while now. The Chicago born filmmaker creates a visual experience causing the viewer to focus less on the skater and more on his surrounding landscapes, creating a truly unique experience in the skate cinema.

“If most skateboarding videos are like action-packed summer blockbusters, Brett Novak’s are more like the arthouse films playing at the indie theater down the street,” Dan Ozzi wrote for in VICE review. “Novak pull[s] back and encompasses the elements around the skater, creating a more personal, cinematic experience.”

Novak’s films aren’t necessarily about the skater or skateboarding in general; and because of that his content can reach a much broader audience than just the skating community. We’ll certainly be keeping our eyes out for his next project.