Bumgarner NEA

The baseball season officially began last weekend as the MLB celebrated Opening Day. There’s always something special in the air on the first day of the baseball season – a feeling that isn’t always there in other leagues.

In baseball any game you go to you have the possibility of seeing something special. It feels even more likely at the start of the season as teams try to start out strong. It could be your ace making a statement by carrying a no-hitter into the late innings. It could be your slugger starting strong with a couple of home runs. It could just be the web jem that looks like it has already solidified itself as catch of the year. It’s not about what happens but more about the feeling that it gives you knowing that baseball is back.

Sunday certainly didn’t disappoint as San Francisco’s Madison Bumgarner gave fans seven innings allowing three runs on six hits. Not outstanding numbers but add two home runs for the ace and overall Bumgarner had a historic season debut.

Bumgarner became the first pitcher in Major League Baseball history to hit two home runs in a season opener,  and is the first pitcher to hit a pair of bombs since New York Mets starter Noah Syndegaard did it against the Dodgers last year. Further, Bumgarner’s first homer in the fifth inning was recorded at 112.5 mph off the bat making it the hardest hit home run by a pitcher since the statistical era began in 2015.


Bumgarner had a no-hitter going at the time of his first homer but by the seventh inning the Diamondbacks had tied the game at three. That was until Bumgarner stepped to the plate and launched another solo shot. This one’s exit velocity: 112.1 mph.

The Giants ended up losing the game 6-5 but the fans got what they came to see. A historic performance on one of baseballs best days.