The Oakland Raiders rumored move to Las Vegas was made official Monday when NFL owners voted overwhelmingly to approve the franchises second move out of their home city.

According to an ESPN report, the Raiders got the OK from 31 of 32 NFL owners. A team needs a minimum of 24 votes for the move to be approved. Per ENSP’s Adam Shefter the Miami Dolphins were the lone team to cast a negative vote.

The move comes after Raiders owner Mark Davis and the city of Oakland were unsuccessful in coming up with a viable plan to renovate the stadium. The Raiders join the Rams and Chargers as NFL franchises to move cities in the last few years.

While Oakland’s departure was made official Monday the physical packing of the bags won’t be done for a few more years. The team owns one-year options rights to the Oakland Coliseum each of the next two seasons.

The Raiders Las Vegas home – a 65,000 seat, $1.9 billion dome that will be shared with UNLV – won’t be ready until 2020 so you should expect to see the Raiders stay put in Oakland for the foreseeable future.

The raiders have played 45 of their 58 seasons in Oakland (1960-1981, 1995-2016). According to ESPN, Davis set his sights on Las Vegas in April of 2016 when he said at the time that he tried for eight years to get a deal done for a new stadium in Oakland.

In Las Vegas the Raiders committed $500 Million towards the stadium project with another $750 million on the form of hotel tax that the Nevada Legislator approved in October.

Here is Raiders quarterback Derek Carr’s statement on his team’s impending move: