Cavaliers are still the team it beat in the East

It’s been a turbulent few weeks for the Cavaliers but even with a few losses – five in their last eight games to be exact – I’m here to tell you that everything will be alright for the defending champs. Cleveland’s been beat up over the past few month as JR Smith missed over 30 games with a thumb injury and Kevin Love is out indefinitely with a knee injury. Sharpshooter Kyle Korver has also missed time with foot soreness. Injuries definitely contributed to Cleveland’s miserable March, but things are starting to turn. JR smith returned to the lineup on March 9th and the team can expect Love back as early as Saturday as the Cav’s begin a west coast road trip. The team is getting healthy at the right time and if they can get some wins in upcoming games against the Jazz, Clippers, and Spurs they can prove that everything is good in Cav’s nation. Head coach Tyronn Lue certainly likes where his team’s at despite to recent struggles.

“To be able to hold down the fort the way we’ve done it so far and still be the No. 1 seed with a two- or three-game lead I feel great and confident where we’re at,” Lue said. “Now our guys are starting to get healthy and come back. We’re going to take off.”

Wizards look like to true two seed in the East

Cleveland’s struggles opened the door for teams like Boston and Washington to close the gap on the one seed in the East. While Boston still holds the second seed by a game the Wizards have looked like the team to watch out for come playoff time. Washington has won six of their last nine games and has a two to one advantage over Boston in head-to-head games this year. It’s unlikely that either team will catch Cleveland for the one seed but the battle for second place could be an entertaining one that will most likely come down to the wire. Washington and Boston square off for the last time this season on March 20th. The winner will have the inside track on the second seed in the East.

Spurs are the best team that no one is talking about

When the season began everyone was talking about how badly the Warriors were about to beat up on the league. We had anointed them as the champions before the team had ever played a game. Now, three quarters through the season, the Warriors may be the top team in the league, and they might get all of the headlines, but they are not the team we all thought they were. And while the world watches what’s happening in Oakland the team from San Antonio is steadily creeping up from behind. The Spurs are just one game behind the Warriors in the west and their 52-15 record is second best in the league. (Warriors are 53-14) They’ve won 11 of their last 13 games and in a time where Golden State looks venerable the Spurs seem to be cliquing. Everyone is sleeping on this giant, but they won’t be for long.